Hey there to all of my followers. I first off want to apologize to all of you for being away for so long. I unfortunately slipped back into the clutches of my demons and addiction took hold of my life again.

I  am currently in my second week at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center and am doing much better. Continue reading


Chapter 10 of My First Novel (First Draft)

I have finally gotten out of my mental slump and started writing again. Sorry to leave everyone hanging for so long, but stuff in my personal life has kept me from continuing on with my novel. Addiction can be a very hard thing to deal with at times, and the mental stress had gotten the best of me lately. Hope you enjoy the next chapter 🙂 I’m feeling pretty energetic right now and am going to try to get a lot more of it completed this week.

Chapter 10

Lock it down boys” says one of the guards as he walks out of the cell. He is delicately carrying a plastic bag, like it is the most precious thing in the world to him. I can’t see what the contents of this bag are, but I have a feeling that I already know.

It is a common tactic to pass contraband off to other inmates if you are going to have any sort of heat on you. I’m guessing Two Shot passed Nate the shank that did the deed, and Nate was too terrified of the guys to do anything but take it. I can honestly say that I probably would have done the exact same thing in that situation. What choice did the kid really have? You don’t want to get on the wrong side of someone who just murdered someone in cold blood five seconds ago. Continue reading

Chapter 9 of My First Novel (First Draft)

Nate is back, like he could have gone very far, and is passed out on his bunk already. This kid does more drugs than he knows how to handle. Im guessing he didn’t get me anything, or if he did he took it for himself. Not too worried about it now as I have some better stuff on the way. I sit down at our little metal desk and wait for my delivery.

Outside on the range I hear the main door open and panic starts to set in. Shit, this is not good timing. I haven’t gotten my booze yet so I pray they don’t check in the shower yet. I listen for the consistent beeps of the guards doing their checkins and listen to the footsteps coming down the stairs right beside our cell. One of the guards pops his head through the doorway. Continue reading

Chapter 8 of My First Novel (First Draft)

As I awake from yet another vivid dream my mind goes into overdrive again. I am not experiencing anything out of the ordinary though, many recovering addicts deal with these dreams. Some people call these user dreams but I really don’t care what they are called. A name isn’t going to change how I feel about waking up terrified every day. I just need to keep preparing for them and go through my regular routine to get calmed down. About a week has gone by but it is hard to keep track of the days in here. Continue reading